Hummer H3T

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Hummer H3T

Post by Rislar on Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:45 am

Fast Facts:
Final Assembly: Shreveport, Louisiana
Body Style: Four-door, Five-Passenger, Crew Cab
Drivetrain: Front engine, 4WD
Engine Displacement: 325 cu in. / 5.3 L
Tire Size: P265/75R16
Max Towing Capacity: 5900 lbs. (estimate)

Engine: Hummer 3.7L 5 Cylinder 239 hp 241 ft-lbs
.Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
.Driveline: Four-wheel drive
.US Fuel Economy: City MPG Highway MPG Fuel
14 mi/gal 18 mi/gal

.Model Year: 2009 Hummer H3T
.Maximum Number of Passengers: 5
.Number of doors: 4
.Cargo Bed: Width at Wheel Well Length
1.12 m (3.67 ft )
1.51 m (4.95 ft )

Standard gear includes: traction control, curtain side airbags, anti-skid system, OnStar, tilt steering wheel, split folding rear seat, XM satellite radio, auto-dimming mirror, outside temp gauge, rear privacy glass, fog lights, skid plates, alloy wheels, 32-inch tall tires and a full-size spare. Options include rear camera, front and rear electric locking differentials, rear cargo system, off-road chassis setup, 33-inch tires.

A Brief History of the Hummer Brand

The Hummer name is derived from HUMVEE, the military vehicle first developed by the AM General Corp. in 1985. Standing for High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles, more than 150,000 Humvees have been built.

AM General was a division of the former American Motors Co. created to build Government Products Vehicles, or GPVs, in 1971. Many of the products produced by American Motors and the Jeep brand come from the original Overland-Willy’s makers dating back to 1911.

In 1983, the LTV Corp., a defense contractor, bought AM General from American Motors.

By the Gulf War of 1991, the HUMVEE was well on its way to prominence as a functional combat assist vehicle. The American media couldn’t get enough of Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf and his affinity for the HUMVEE.

Soon, normal citizens were clamoring for civilian versions of this rugged diesel-powered truck. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first customer of such a version, called the Hummer H1, in 1992. By 1997, AM General was selling over 1,000 personal use HUMVEEs a year from its plant in Indiana.

In 1999, General Motors decided to purchase AM General in order to retail a niche product line of “highly capable off-road trucks”.

The first true civilian model, the H2 Hummer (code named Son of Hummer, or project Maria, after Arnold’s wife) debuted in 2000. The H2 pickup followed in 2004 and a midsize H3 came in 2006.

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